8 travel essentials for your baby or toddler

So you went ahead and booked that long awaited family trip. And now it’s time to pack the most important travel essentials for your baby or toddler but you have no idea where to start! We’ve all been through this the first time we travelled with our little ones. Then your holiday comes and goes like a breeze! 

Ours was 7 months when we first travelled with him and at 16 months we braved an 11-hour long haul flight to Mauritius! So let us give you a few tips and our recommended travel essentials for your baby or toddler:

1. A travel size lightweight stroller

We have the Familidoo Air pushchair, and although not as sturdy as the larger strollers it does its job quite well. And let’s face it you’re not going off-roading with it! We find this handy because it can travel with us on the plane and especially when we had a 5-hour connection flight to Mauritius we just stored the rest of the luggage in a locker and left off for Amsterdam city centre. It is suitable from birth, weighs just 5.2kg and can easily be folded with one hand!

2. A baby carrier

We have the Ergobaby 360° baby carrier including infant insert, which is suitable from newborn to toddler. The infant insert is required if your baby weighs less than 5.5kg. At this age they can only face inwards, and then they can face forward-outward, at the back or hip position. Yes, this ergonomic baby carrier supports 4 different positions and we also found it very useful not just for travel but also at home. We mostly use the baby carrier for trekking and other places where taking a stroller isn’t ideal (for example the steep and cobbled streets of St. Emilion!). It is much more comfortable than holding your child from one hip to the other. And your back will thank you later!

3. A nappy changing backpack

We have the Lekebaby Nappy Changing Backpack. Apart from being a great looking backpack, it is also very durable and practical. It has travelled with us 4 times now and we also use it on a daily basis. Though it may look small in size it can hold anything you can imagine from diapers, to change of clothes, bibs, spoons, toys, wipes etc. It can hold up to 23L and has a total of 19 pockets, including 2 insulated milk bottle pockets and a waterproof pocket for wet nappies or clothes. It comes with well-padded back straps, grab handles and integrated buggy straps too. 

4. A toddler-friendly suitcase

As they start to grow and especially when they start to walk, children want to copy anything you’re doing. Including carrying a suitcase. But you knew this already, of course! So we suggest you get them this Trunki Ride-On Suitcase, which is made from the same lightweight hard shell plastic as adult suitcases and can take up to 50kg seating weight. With an 18L capacity, it has ample space for your child to store their favourite belongings for a fun trip. The horn grips make steering easier whilst the tow strap makes it more fun. This is available in a number of other colours and designs.

5. A travel pillow

Again, if you have one they want one! So why not get them this Trunki neck and chin support pillow? It connects under the chin with hidden magnets to form a soft and supportive cushion. This helps stops your child’s head rolling forward so they can snooze in comfort. It is ideal for car seats, plane seats, and also for buggies and strollers. This product is small sized and designed for approx. 2-4 years with neck circumference less than 30cm. Other colours are available.

6. A travel potty / toilet trainer seat

They have needs too! And if you’re already potty training your child then you must continue to do so during your holiday otherwise they’re confused as to whether they should use their potty or their nappy. This Potette Plus is a folding travel potty and toilet trainer seat at the same time, which means you can continue to use it once your child starts using the toilet instead of their potty. The legs can also be completely detached to make cleaning easier. It compactly folds and can be easily stored in most changing bags or tucked under your pushchair.

7. A safety harness or wrist walking strap

The fear of all parents as their child starts to walk is them getting lost right? And being in a foreign country makes it even worse! So we suggest you get a walking harness or the child safety wrist walking strap. We can’t vouch for one or the other yet and it also depends on what your child prefers (terrible 2’s give them a say whether you like it or not!).

If your child is an early walker, the walking harness can be used from 6 months onward. The wrist walking strap has adjustable wrist bands making it comfortable for both parents and children. It also has a 360° rotating cuff anti lost links with automatic spring back which can ensure the safety of your child when travelling in public crowds.

8. Something to keep them entertained

The last thing you want is your child getting bored and fidgety on the plane, during your road trip or at the restaurant even. We recommend you get this travel tray, which is perfect for car seats, high chairs and air travel. It comes with stretchable mesh pockets making it a great storage for toys, baby books, pacifiers, bottles, and snacks. It includes 1 travel tray, 5 drawing papers, 6 board pens and a storage bag for the tray. The tray can also be drawn onto and is easily wiped clean. 

We hope you have found this article useful and that it has helped you plan your travel list better! This is just our recommended list of travel essentials for your baby or toddler and what we think is most important. Each child is different and as such may have different needs. Only you know your child best and can judge what else may be required for your trip. Happy travels!

Buzz x

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