Non-local restaurants in Vienna, Austria

Food, glorious food! It is exactly what you will read about in this post. Wherever we wander to, we promise ourselves to get to know every aspect of the place as much as possible. We’re always keen to meet the people, learn about the place’s history, its culture, and finally have a go at the cuisine. This article is about non-local restaurants in Vienna and while we will tell you which restaurants we have been to, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have our share of Austrian cuisine while in Vienna.

We travelled to Vienna a few days before Christmas. We wanted to go someplace where we could hop from one Christmas market to the next. In between the steaming mugs of punsch and the goulasch served in warm bread instead of a plate, this is precisely where we indulged in Austrian cuisine. Temperatures were freezing and if you’re outside in -3°C weather, the least you could do is try to warm yourself up. There were many other Viennese delicacies at the markets which we have tried such as the Sarcher torte, the famous wursterapfelstrudel, roasted chestnuts and chocolate-filled pretzels lookalike.

As we had been feeding ourselves Viennese throughout the day, we opted to eat something different in the evening. All three restaurants we have been to have been satisfying, both in terms of portion sizes and their value for money. So here they go:


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Non local restaurants in Vienna
Credits to Ribs of Vienna

We came across this restaurant by coincidence. As I was looking for restaurants close to our hotel on Google Maps, the name just drew my attention. It seemed different than any other restaurant we had tried before, and even though they do serve some other dishes, their speciality is undoubtedly ribs. They have 21 different spare rib dishes, some to share and with flavours from all over the world. Be aware that this place can get busy. We almost missed it when we were told we had to wait for about 2 hours to be seated (and we weren’t the only ones waiting either!). Thankfully a big group of people finished earlier than expected and we got to try out these delicious ribs after all! You can find the menu here.

Non local restaurants in Vienna
Credits to Le Burger

We noticed this restaurant while walking through the busy street leading to St. Stephen’s Catheral. It is a corner restaurant covered in glass which means you could see the ultra modern decor and the inviting food and ambience there was inside. Their burgers are to die for. They have a selection of 10 different burgers on their menu. But if you don’t like any of them, you could always design your own burger from scratch! And all 12 different types of sauces come free! Simply choose the ones you like at the sauce station and feel free to top up as much and as often as you like! This is actually one of five restaurants they have in Vienna and is also a busy one. If you wish to visit, we suggest you make an online reervation at the restaurant of your choice. 

Non local restaurants in Vienna
Credits to L'Osteria

As you can imagine this is a typical Italian restaurant. They serve everything Italian from antipasti, to pizza, pasta and sweets. The food here was indulgent! Hubby had pizza, which came on a larger than usual wooden pizza plate. The size of the pizza was the same as its plate. I had the tastiest rigatoni with gorgonzola cheese ever. Both plates where fulfilling and very satisfying. We couldn’t leave without dessert of course. Being chocoholics, we had the souffle al cioccolato, which was a chocolate lava cake served with mango and passion fruit sorbet. If this restaurant becomes a favourite (believe me it will!), keep in mind that they have a total of 115 restaurants spread across Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, England and the Czech Republic. This goes to show just how great this restaurant is!

We didn’t have time to try any other non-local restaurants in Vienna as we were only there for 3 nights. So until we’re back, these are the only non-local restaurants we can vouch for and we won’t recommend anything else.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you’re taking our recommendations, we hope that you will love the food just as much as we did!

On a different note, if you haven’t booked yourself a place to stay yet, feel free to search using the map widget below. And if you’re in Vienna already, enjoy this beautiful city and do try out their local specialities! Until the next one!

Happy Travels, 

Buzz x